Value of the Person
Wayne T. Alderson

  • "The key to Total Quality Excellence is building Quality Relationships.   Creating an environment where people choose to surpass set goals and expectations.    Making Perfect quality and double-digit productivity improvement a state of mind.
  • "At the core of the Value of the Person-Theory R Managment is the fact that every person hungers to be treated with value."
  • "When you adopt a value-based leadership style, you not only build a team, you build quality excellence.  And much, much more."
  • "The key is to link committed employees, management leaders and the leading technology together as partners."

Wayne T. Alderson

images/wayne4.gif (40661 bytes) Wayne T. Alderson is Founder and CEO of Value of the Person-Theory R Consultants, a consulting firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that is on the fast track forging new ground in Quality and Productivity Excellence and human resource leadership.  He is nationally recognized as a leading business spokesman, seminar leader, motivator and speaker in the areas of long-term bottom-line results.

Wayne's expertise in these areas is supported by a personal history that spans a wide spectrum of work experience - a background rooted in labor, a successful management leader for over 30 years, and nearly three decades of hands on training as an employee relations consultant.

Alderson teaches his leadership experiences and principles to organizations desirous of improving their people relationships and their bottom-line results through his highly acclaimed:
  • Value of the Person-Theory R Business Seminars - Public and Private
  • City-Wide Business Conferences
  • Management Seminars
  • University Appearances - General Speaking and Classroom Instruction

He has a tremendous success record of motivating organizations spanning all industries including: Hospitals,, Health Care, Nursing Homes, Service Industries, Manufacturing and High Tech.   All it takes is to have a real desire to go the step beyond and tap into your organizations most valuable resource . . . PEOPLE.

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