Value of the Person
What Makes us Unique!!!

It's Not a Program - It's a State of Mind ...


More Than Just a Program:

Value of the Person - Theory R takes you beyond Deming & Baldrige.  We connect the head and the heart, the workplace and the home.

We show you that Total Quality Excellence doesn't come from a program.  It comes from a WAY OF LIFE where people choose to make it happen.  When you value the person, not only the program, Total Quality will be achieved.

Total Quality Starts at Work ...

To apply Total  Quality to the work place requires going beyond the status quo.   Devising a people-oriented strategy.  Empowering people to achieve excellence.   Not because they have to, but because they want to.

... And it Works at Home

Come and examime with us the dynamics of work/family relationships.  Explore the principles of Value of the Person - Theory R leadership and how they can improve relationships in your home.

We Encourage Family Participation - Shows the Employee That You Also Care About Their Family

Because we believe that our principles can help you both in the workplace and at home, we encourage spouses, significant others and any other close family member to attend our seminars with employees.  This way, the family can experience these principles first hand and can immediately begin working on ways to apply them to their personal lives.   Attendance is free for additional family members who are not employed by the same organization as the participant.

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