Theory R Management
Wayne T. Alderson & Nancy Alderson McDonnell

This book case studies organizations who have achieved exceptional long-term success from Theory R Management. "It is a must read for individuals and organizations who are looking for a paradigm shift in effective managment."

R.C. Sproul

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A basic yet often ignored premise of working with people is that every person hungers to be treated with value.  This is central to what authors Wayne T. Alderson and Nancy Alderson McDonnell call Theory R.  Through the leadership principles of Theory R - love, dignity, and respect - you will learn how to empower your employees to achieve excellence, revitalize your business, exceed global challenges, and improve the culture of your workplace and bottom line.

In fact, organizations that go beyond the status quo by applying these principles can bring forth positive changes that lead to double-digit productivity improvement, total quality excellence, lasting employee satisfaction, teamwork, loyalty, job stability, trust and open communication.

Theory R Management also shows you how to ...

  • Turn conflict into harmony
  • Manage diversity in your organization
  • Succeed through cooperation, not confrontation
  • Develop an innovative management style that transforms managers into leaders

Theory R Management will benefit all leaders who want to build an environment based on the collective good of their people.  Total quality excellence is not just another program; it is a state of mind ... A Way of Life!

Position your organization for lasting success as the new century approches with Theory R Management.

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