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Stronger Than Steel
The Wayne Alderson Story


"I am writing about a common man with uncommon courage, a man whom I honestly believe to be one of the most courageous human beings I've ever encountered."

R.C. Sproul

Wayne Alderson is a coal miner's son who became a corporate executive, a soldier who became a peacmaker, a Christian idealist who lives as a hard-core pragmatist, and the founder of the widespread Value of the Person movement to reestablish labor/management relations on a positive basis.

Stronger Than Steel recounts the life and work of the amazing man who created "Operation Turnaround" and brought about the "Miracle of Pittron."  Wayne's work in defusing a potentially explosive strike at this Pennsylvania steel foundry provided the model for ending confrontational negotiations, brought union leaders and management into constructive agreements, and turned the steel plant into one of the country's most productive and profitable.

During World War II, Wayne was an advance scout for U.S. forces in Europe - putting his life on the line as he probed enemy territory.  Though the Siegfriend Line has been replaced by the picket line, Wayne is still placing himself in the forefront, taking immense risks for faith in the work worlds.  His stance has garnered him hostility as well as praise, has cost him a job, and has tried his faith; but Wayne Alderson has never sacrificed his commitment to his role of Christian peacmaker.

No ordinary biography, Stronger Than Steel is the story of Wayne Alderson's movement to create an atmosphere of trust and responsiveness among workers and company heads, develop new ways of problem-solving and person interaction, and achieve labor stablity, job security, productivity, and moral and human dignity in the workplace.

At the heart of Stronger Than Steel is Wayne Alderson, a man of vision and faith who has taken his values to the marketplace, the board room, and the shop floor in a novel experiment that has produced dramatic results and guidelines for those seeking fruitful solutions to frequently complex and difficult labor/management problems.   As author R.C. Sproul points out, "Wayne Alderson's challenge is one we dare not ignore."

R. C. Sproul is president and staf theologian of Pennsylvania's Ligonier Valley Study Center, an interdenominational resource center for lifelong Christian education.  A nationally known theological spokesman, Dr. Sproul is the author of several books, including Knowing Scripture, Discovering the Intimate Marriage, and the Psychology of Atheism.

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