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"Stronger Than Steel is a prophetic word manifested in an extraordinary man's life.  Stronger Than Steel gives the reader new meaning about the worth of a person in our time.  This is what the heartbeat of God is all about." -Tom Skinner
"The issues of human dignity on the job is basic to the labor movement.  Stronger Than Steel goes to the heart of the issue-the value of the person.  The story of Alderson is gripping, but its impact goes beyond his life.  He understands the working man.  His story touches all of us." - Lloyd McBride, President, United Steel Workers of America
"Stronger Than Steel, like all of R. C. Sproul's writings, is superb and inspiring work.  It is another story of how a sovereign God works His will, choosing ordinary, frail people to be called to particular tasks. Stronger Than Steel is also the story of a vision which as it can be grasped by others could dramatically transform working relationships in America, impacting the entire fabric of our society.  This is an important book written by one of my very favorite Christian scholars." - Charles Colson, author of Born Again and Life Sentence.
"Despite labor and management's vastly different views and objectives, our common interests are paramount.  Our nation has been sadly fractured by conflict.  Stronger Than Steel is about the means we all need to heal the wounds.  It is a must for the manager of today and tomorrow." - George Stinson, Chairman, National Steel Corporation
"Wayne Alderson is prophetic.  He is the Martin Luther King, Jr., of the work world." - Dorothy Kelly, Civil Rights Activist
"This book about Wayne Alderson is not only exciting, but it is true.  It has a timely and important message for all of us living in industrialized America.  It shows that 'Value of the Person' is a vital factor in improving productivity.  Alderson's life demonstrates  how giving love, dignity, and respect brings economic, personal and spiritual fulfillment." - D.C. Burnhan, Retired Chairman of  Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

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