Value of the Person
In Praise of Theory R Seminars

Listen to what these top executives have to say about the dramatic success they've enjoyed since attending the Value of the Person-Theory R Seminar and implementing its principles.

"Value of the Person- Theory R provides the means to encourage, motivate and improve employer-employee relations.  I highly recommend this seminar.  I have seen its many positive results." - Bob Walters, Manufacturing Director, 3M Company
"Value of the Person-Theory R Management is no longer an option ... it is a necessity for economic survival." - Al Erisman, Director of Technology,  Boeing, Information & Support Services
"I am convinced the Theory R approach to leadership has made or Gillette operation a more successful business." - Ron Peterson, Plant Manager, the Gillette Company, St. Paul, MN
"Value of the Person presents a strong argument that a successful organization must value its people and their differences.   This is the only way in which diverse groups can work well together and deliver their full potential." - Phil Gramatges - Director of Manufacturing, NOVA Chemical Company
"This seminar not only spurred dramatic attitude changes at work... but also revealed the importance of Value of the Person principles at home." - Tom Will, Director of Plant & Manufacturing Engineering, Lordstown Assembly Plant, General Motors Corp.
"I am committed to Wayne Alderson's vision to bring love, dignity and respect to the working men and women of the world." - Paul Lindgren, International Staff Rep., OCAW
"The Value of the Person-Theory R concept is simple yet profound ... the key to developing human and corporate potential.   Everyone can benefit from this seminar." - Bob Nolan, Manager, Ford Motor Company
"Value of the Person Demonstrates, in laymen terms, the positive impact realized from treating our fellow employees with love, dignity and respect.  Wayne's message is crucial to successful business.   I highly recommend it." - Aaron Richardson, Plant Manager, Sara Lee, Hanes Printables Div.

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