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Nancy Alderson McDonnell

"The Value of the Person-Theory R Seminar is a practical, hands-on way to close the gap between management and employee ... to adopt a total team approach to doing business.  And producing results.

The principles are basic to everyone.  The results are phenomenal."

Nancy Alderson McDonnell

MCDONNELL Nancy Alderson McDonnell is President of Value of the Person Consultants and the daughter of Wayne Alderson.  She received her degree in Communications from Grove City College, Magna Cum Laude, in 1978.  Since that time she has been working as the "point woman" for the Value of the Person across the U.S. and Canada in charge of seminars, promotional materials, programming and marketing. She served for 13 years as the coordinator for the International Labor- Management Prayer Breakfast held annually in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   Each year there were nearly 2,000 labor-management representatives in attendance.  In 1994 she worked with her father, Wayne Alderson, as co-author on the book Theory R Management that case studies organizations who have achieved exceptional long-term success from the Theory R Management principles taught in the Value of the Person seminars.

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