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Improving Employee Relations through Theory R Management

"The key to total quality excellence and double-digit productivity improvement is through developing quality relationships with employees".

Wayne T. Alderson

Nancy McDonnell Value of the Person Consultants was established in 1973 by Wayne T. Alderson and his daughter Nancy Alderson McDonnell.  Value of the Person provides consulting services and training to improve management/employee relations in the work place.  It is an organization of hands on professionals whose expertise is in making GOOD ORGANIZATIONS BETTER through the Theory R Management Process.

Where We Work:

Value of the Person Theory R Consultants realize that these principles apply to both the work place and home environment.  They have witnessed how the application of these principles can improve working conditions and personal situations by creating relationships which are based on Love, Dignity and Respect.  These principles can be applied to all types of organizations and industries.  They can be applied to companies of all sizes in all countries.

Every business can benefit from an improved work environment.  Value of the Person's Theory R consultants will work directly with you and teach you how to build relationships between employees and managers so that Perfect Quality, Double Digit Productivity and a Skyrocketing Bottom Line are the natural byproducts.  Our principles can be applied in any industry.   They have already been successfully implemented within the following industries:   Hospitals, Health Care, Nursing Homes, Services Industries and Manufacturing.   You simply need two requirements to implement Value of the Person in your organization:  People & the Desire to have a Better Work Environment.

How We Came to Be:

We have helped many organizations achieve phenomenal results by implementing Theory R Management Principles.  In addition to other services, we offer seminars that are conducted by our founder Wayne T. Alderson, his daughter Nancy Alderson McDonnell and his Training Staff.  Wayne has structured these seminars based on the principles that he has implemented in his personal experiences.  He originally created and implemented these principals within (Pittron Steel) that had been on a downward sprial towards bankruptcy.   He was able to change the culture within the company and convert them to a successful and profitable organization. 

Working conditions were bad, productivity was at an all time low and employee morale was very bad.  Wayne applied Theory R Leadership Principles and witnessed first hand phenomenal results which eventually turned the company into a profitable organization and improved quality and employee morale. The following highlights some of the successes that Wayne Alderson was able to achieve while implementing these principles at Pittron Steel.

Pittron Steel
(Within a 21 Month Period)
Before Theory R Management After Theory R Management
  • $6 Million Loss
  • 300 Employees
  • Low Productivity
  • 1200 Grievances
  • 20% Absenteeism
  • Poor Quality
  • $6 Million Profit
  • 1,200 Employees
  • Productivity Up 64%
  • 1 Grievance
  • 1% Absenteeism
  • Excellent Quality
What happened at Pittron CAN happen ANYWHERE and ... SHOULD happen EVERYWHERE

This experience was the foundation for his books, Theory R Management, Stronger than Steel, and for establishing the Value of the Person - Theory R Managment/Employee Seminars.  Because of these phenomenal results, Wayne continues to use this Pittron Miracle as a core segment of the management seminars today.  You can learn first hand how he was able to successfully turn around an organization and to hear how many other organizations have been able to benefit from his principles by attending one of our Open Business Seminars or scheduling a private seminar for your own operation.

How We Can Help:

We help you achieve your Corporate Objectives by applying our principles.  You can achieve phenomenal results with the resources that you already have within your organization.  We believe that: "With People, Nothing is Impossible!" 

Our principles are not just theories or ideas, we base our products and services on personal experiences and results.  We have helped many organizations and have many success stories to demonstrate that our Theory R Management Principles can help your organization achieve the levels of success that you desire.  References can be provided upon request.

If you want to see how Value of the Person Consultants can improve your organization, please feel free to:

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